Mindful Eating Poster - Guide to Mindful Eating

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Mindful Eating Poster - Guide to Mindful Eating

This poster will guide your clients to eat when they are hungry. It is a gentle and positive guide to use a mindful approach to a better diet. Do you feel that they eat everything they see instead of choosing healthful foods and eating them for regular meals at a table and only when hungry? If so this poster is for you and your clients, students, and employees!

Step 1: Before you decide to eat, ask yourself, "Why am I eating?" Make sure that hunger drives your decision instead of opportunity, stress, or boredom. Stop eating once you are no longer hungry.

Step 2: As you take each bit, savor the flavor of your food.

Step 3: The way you serve your food matters. Put it on a plate and then sit down to eat.

The importance of this poster is to help folks realize they should eat when they are hungry and then stop eating when they are full. This will help them learn internal cues so they do not stuff themselves or eat just from stress or boredom. It helps them enjoy their food and it provides a positive message about food. By putting food on a plate they are not apt to eat way too much out of a bag or eat too many calories from over-sized portions. By putting most take out meals or mall snacks on a plate they can realize what a serving looks like -- usually half or less of the amount sold!

It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.