Protein For the Future

This year’s nutrition month theme is Fuel For the Future. When we consider which foods will ensure a healthy future for both humans and our planet, the standard American diet’s protein foods don’t really have a place.

Consider the Future 50 Foods, which lists 50 foods for a healthier planet and healthier people. There’s no meat on this list!

It’s a big leap to go from fast food burgers to plant foods as protein sources. Any education you can do to nudge folks toward at least trying plant-based protein foods is progress.

This month, get your students, clients, employees, or social media followers thinking about protein that will fuel their future and the future of the environment. Here are some tips to go along with our Protein Comparison Chart:

  • Explore the variety of protein sources. Help your audience discover new options for protein. Who eats tofu or tempeh? What is jackfruit? What other plant-based protein foods have they never tried?
  • Take a closer look at plant-based processed meat alternatives. Some people have embraced plant-based processed products like the Impossible Burger. Educate them about things to watch for, like sodium content and cost.
  • Compare costs. In these times when food and other items are more expensive than ever, it’s helpful to show people that they can cut costs by using more economical plant-based protein sources like beans, peas, and lentils.
  • Have a weekly burger night. Include all kinds of homemade ‘burgers’ like seasoned ground chicken patties, black bean burgers, and salmon patties. Get the whole family involved with taste testing and finding new recipes.

And don’t forget to put plant-based foods in the spotlight. Use our colorful, eye-catching Fuel For the Future-related posters in your office, hallways, cafeterias, and waiting areas.