March Nutrition Education Materials for the 2024 Theme

National Nutrition Month for March is a registered trademark by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The theme for 2024 is Beyond the Table. 

Certainly! "Beyond the Table" is a great theme that encourages a holistic approach to health, extending beyond just the act of eating. Now is the time to educate folks to make more informed choices before they sit at the table with meal planning, shopping, and exercise. All of these items can be even better when they are planned into your life! 

By embracing the "Beyond the Table" theme, you're acknowledging that health is a holistic concept that involves various lifestyle factors. Making informed choices in meal planning, shopping, and exercising contributes to an overall healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Consider these important lessons!

1) Label Reading - Reading food labels ensures that all of the food you are going to put on your table (or in your mouth) is going to be a great choice based on the top 3 label reading steps: 1) serving size and calories, 2) heart healthy, 3) nutrient dense.

2) Menu Planning - If you know how to menu plan, you will be way ahead because you can buy just what you need and know what you are going to cook every day. You can also plan healthy leftovers for lunch or meal prep for a few days. 

3) Make MyPlate - This works whether you are eating out or eating at home. Think about what you will cook or what you will order so that half of your plate is fruits and vegetables, while the other half is divided between heart healthy protein and whole grains. 

4) Move More - Do you have enough physical activity in your weekly plan? This can be walking at lunch, taking exercise classes, or lifting weights at home. Evaluate how much desk or screen time you have and balance it with moving more.