2 Weeks to Go!

The deadline is fast approaching! MyPlateBack in February, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service proposed guidelines for local school wellness policies. Now there are only 2 weeks left to comment on them! The rules that the Food and Nutrition Service outlined focused on what school wellness policies need to feature, including...
  • Physical activity goals
  • Nutrition education goals
  • Rules for informing parents about wellness policies
  • Assessing progress
  • Sharing updates
According to the USDA, "Parents, students, representatives of the school food authority, teachers of physical education, school health professionals, the school board, school administrators, and the general public must be permitted to participate in the wellness policy process as a part of the wellness policy team." This rule would also affect the marketing of snacks, drinks, and other foods at the school. Everything would have to align with the Smart Snacks in Schools rules and regulations. So, what do you think about these proposed guidelines? There are only 2 weeks left to log your comments, so, if you have views, share them today! For More Information: Remember, there are tons of resources for schools! Check out the Nutrition Education Store for amazing handouts, posters, display kits, and more!
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