Fueling a Healthy Future and Happy RD Day!

Happy RD or Registered Dietitian Day today March 8th!

This year's theme for National Nutrition Month is Fuel for the Future, making it the perfect time to help people think about whether their food habits are setting themselves and the world up for a healthy future.

Take time this month to spread positive nutrition messages to your clients, students, or employees by putting up new bulletin board displays or posters, setting up a table at a health fair, or holding classes or webinars on topics that will help everyone eat right for their stage of life while keeping an eye on their future health and the environment.

NutritionEducationStore.com has resources to help you reach all audiences during Nutrition Month and throughout the year. Choose one or more activities according to how much time you have and who your audience is:

  • Sustainability Made Simple PowerPoint show: Teach a half-hour lesson on the basics of environmental sustainability and how a healthy, plant-based eating pattern is part of the answer for the future of the world.
  • Catch people’s attention with plant-based eating themed posters or banners: Keep the message simple and elegant, like we do in the You Need Fuel, Choose Wisely poster. Or, make things a little more casual and fun, like our Real Food Grows poster.
  • Use the MyPlate concept: With ¾ of MyPlate made up of plant foods, any items in our MyPlate theme can help teach everyone how to Fuel for the Future.
  • Make it fun for kids: They’re bound to like the colorful iguana who stars in the Plant Power poster. Combine healthy plant food choices with some iguana trivia (did you know that most iguanas are herbivores and that they can run up to 25 mph?).

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD