Fruits & Vegetables Take Center Stage

Fruits and vegetables make up half of MyPlate, but don’t they deserve to be on center stage? We think so, which is why we love our new Anime Fruit & Vegetable poster featuring the Anime FV Band.

What’s the Anime FV Band? The musicians are Apple, Kale, Orange, and Banana and they jam to the tune of healthy eating. Students will love the bright colors, fun theme, and anime-style illustrations.

Here are some ways to start the school year off on the right beat with the Anime Fruit & Vegetable poster:

  • Take a physical activity break and let the students pretend to jam just like the fruit and veggie musicians on the poster.
  • Set up a wellness fair or bulletin board display centered around the poster.
  • Have students vote for their favorite Anime FV Band member.
  • Use the poster to teach the fruit and vegetable components of MyPlate.
  • Put the poster up in the cafeteria to get everyone excited about fruits and veggies.
  • Let students draw a picture of their favorite fruit or vegetable playing a musical instrument or singing.