9.99 Poster for October

It's here! The 9.99 special poster for October has arrived.

This month's featured poster is all about breakfast.

This positive and colorful 18" X 24" poster encourages your clients, students, and employees to start each day with a healthful breakfast!

Start Your Day with Breakfast shares simple and memorable tips about the benefits for eating a healthful breakfast that in turn will help your audience make nutritious choices on their road to building a balanced eating pattern. A healthful, high-fiber breakfast can often add 8 or more grams of fiber to someone's day.

This poster is great for school cafeterias that serve breakfast and it is also good for breakfast in the classroom programs.

And it can be great for an employee break room so that everyone fuels up and works strong!

This poster is a great resource for a 3- to 12- month worksite wellness/weight management incentive program where you can teach a new, timely weight management lesson/skill each month (or week). This topic supports the messages in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

This poster also comes with an informative handout that highlights the latest scientific research about the benefits of breakfast for both kids and adults. You can use this poster and handout as part of a compelling display, presentation, game, or activity.

Here is a High Fiber Breakfast Handout you can download and use now.

And here are all of our breakfast promotion items: