Nutrition A to Z Tearpad - Nutrition Alphabet Tearpad with Color Handouts

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Nutrition A to Z Tearpad - Nutrition Alphabet Tearpad - Color Handouts

The front of this colorful tearpad is filled with colorful images of healthful foods, along with descriptions of helpful nutrition terms. With a look at everything from antioxidants to zinc, the front of this tearpad offers the perfect overview of nutrition basics. On the opposite side of each page of the tearpad is an overview of the major macronutrients and micronutrients, along with an image of MyPlate. This detailed guide, called Nutrition 101, reveals more information about everything your clients need to know about good nutrition.

The alphabet has never been this fun, colorful or tasty! What better way to learn the ABCs of nutrition than with this vividly illustrated and unforgettable poster. You'll be singing its praises!



A is for Antioxidants

B is for BMI

C is for Carbohydrates

D is for Dietary Fiber

E is for Energy Balance

F is for Fat

G is for Gluten

H is for HDL Cholesterol

I is for Iron

J is for Juice

K is for Vitamin K

L is for LDL Cholesterol

M is for Minerals

N is for Nutrients

O is for Organic Foods

P is for Protein

Q is for Quality of Life

R is for Recommended Daily Allowances

S is for Solid Fats

T is for Trans Fats

U is for Unsaturated Fats

V is for Vitamins

W is for Whole Grains

X is for Exercise

Y is for Yogurt

Z is for Zinc


Meet macronutrients and micronutrients - Now they will understand why they should eat a balanced diet!


  • English
  • Ages 12 - 100
  • 8.5X11 - printed in color on both sides
  • 50 pages