Healthier Choices 123 Poster 18X 24 Laminated - Health Poster

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Healthier Choices 123 - Health Poster - Wellness Poster

  • Individuals will have a great visual to make three of the most important health choices to combat child and adult obesity.
  • The Healthier Choices 123 Poster is very visual and helps families and adults constrained on a time and money budget to make the highest impact calorie choices: beverages, physical activity, higher-nutrient food replacements.
  • This Healthier Choices 123 Poster will SHOW your audience 3 simple ways to spend less money, consume fewer empty calories, and be more active.
  • The Healthier Choices 123 Poster shows the calorie savings for each of the three points. This adds up to 33 pounds a year or 117,895 calories per year just by skipping one can of soda, exercising a half hour per day, and switching out one apple for one bag of chips. It can only go higher as they do more and switch more.
  • This poster will be a hit at any wellness fair or in any cafeteria, classroom, office, hallway or bulletin board.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.

This poster was requested by a school nurse who wanted to help her adult audience who is very busy and on a limited budget. She can see that the adults and their families struggle with their weight. She wanted a high-impact, yet easy-to-do display item for her wellness fair and we created this upon request and by using the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Here are activity ideas to show on your table along with your poster (see the easels we have in the store to make this poster into an instant table top display:

Healthier Choice 1 - Drink water instead of sugary drinks and sodas. This tip helps people save money and over 50,000 calories per year just by switching out one can of soda. You can create a simple display on your table by showing the number of teaspoons in a cup or can of soda.

Healthier Choice 2 - Choose activity instead of screens. See if everyone can guess the calorie difference between sitting and moving. It is double or more! In fact, by giving up 30 minutes of screen time and switching it out with brisk walking you can burn an extra 40,000+ calories per year. This is easy to do during the day. And if you walk 10,000 steps per day this amound would be more than double (or about 70 minutes per day)

Healthier Choice 3 - Consume more fruits and vegetables in place of items that are loaded with sugar and fat. Show displays of items that come in bulk-sized bags like potatos, apples, oranges, and lettuce. Show a salad and compare a large plate of salad with one cupcake on a plate. They can eat more food and consume fewer calories. Value packs of produce help save money, too. And they are easy to prepare. By switching out one bag of chips for one apple you can save 25,500 calories per year. And the more you switch calorie dense foods out with nutrient dense, high-fiber foods, the more you will save.


  • Laminated
  • Dimensions: 18X24 inches

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 12 - 100

This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.

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