Food Label Bookmarks Pack of 50 2"X7"

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Product Description

Food Label Bookmarks are colorful and teach 3 easy but important steps to deciphering a food label.

These 2" X 7" food label bookmarks contain warm blue and vanilla colors and they come in packs of 50.


  • The front side of the bookmark says, "Food Label" and it features a warm sky blue.
  • The back side features 3 easy steps to read a real Nutrition Facts Panel: What is the portion size and how many calories does this food contain? Is it good for your heart? What is good about it? 
  • Bookmarks are useful because everyone loves to use them to mark the pages in their books.
  • They are simple to read and simple to follow.
  • They feature the most important points of reading and assessing a Nutrition Facts Label. Label reading is easy now.

More uses and ideas for the Food Label Book Markers:

  • These double-sided markers can also be used to decorate refrigerators, filing cabinets, bulletin boards and more.
  • They are perfect for family and consumer science classes, culinary art students, foodservice workers, cooking class attendees, or anyone who needs to deciper a food label. 
  • Use the bookmarks as prizes for contests and raffles.
  • Give them away for wellness fairs and health fairs.
  • Or hand them out to clients as a positive message to make new friends with healthy foods. 
  • They make the perfect giveaway for your next shopping tour!

Designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and one of a kind! 

SPECS: package of 50 (bulk discounts are available just give us a call)

SIZE: 2"X7"

CUSTOM BOOKMARKS are available: Let us design one for you!