10k Steps Floor Sticker

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Product Description

10k Steps Floor Sticker

Looking for a new way to engage your clients when it comes to physical activity?

The 10,000 Steps floor sticker is the perfect answer. With a bright and colorful design, a simple and memorable message, and a creative way to display information, this floor sticker is a fan-favorite educational resource.

Helping your audience get more active is absolutely vital. According to MyPlate, regular physical activity can help people...

  • Increase their chances of living longer
  • Reduce their risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes
  • Decrease their chances of becoming depressed
  • Sleep well at night
  • Move around more easily
  • Have stronger muscles and bones
  • Stay at or get to a healthy weight

Why not start with a new and memorable way to get clients on the right track?

This dramatic floor sticker is versatile and crowd-pleasing, making it easy to motivate your audience to get active, every day. The sticker is also perfect for smooth surfaces, especially floors. And is it removable? Absolutely! In fact, the stickers are both removable and reusable, and they're non-skid to boot!


  • 18" X 24"
  • Removable (reusable if floor is clean before sticking)
  • Non-skid
  • For use on smooth surface floors
  • Free PDF Handout: "10,000 Steps: It's Time to Get Moving!"