Shopping Smart for Diabetes PowerPoint and Shopping Tour - DOWNLOAD

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Shopping Smart for Diabetes PowerPoint and Shopping Tour


When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Go shopping with your clients to help them remember important label reading points in our virtual store
  • A PowerPoint show lets you bring the store to your classroom or office with photos of key foods.
  • This program is great for classroom or counseling and can even be used for staff education.
  • Use it for conducting grocery store shopping tours with the aisle by aisle tips and handouts.

10 Lessons with 65 pages of handouts and leader guides for Shopping Smart for Persons with Diabetes

  • Grains, Breads, Pasta, Cereals, Breakfast Foods
  • Produce
  • Canned Foods
  • Dairy Foods
  • Condiments, Sugar Substitutes and prepared Items
  • Fats, Margarines and Oils
  • Beverages
  • Pharmacy
  • Grains, Breads, Pasta, Cereals, Breakfast Foods
  • Produce

This guide will help you teach savvy shopping tips to those with diabetes.

Tips for shopping in each section of the store are given so patients with diabetes can make better choices for managing their health.

More handouts on important topics for persons with diabetes include:

  • healthy lifestyle,
  • carb counting,
  • body mass index,
  • ideal body weight worksheets,
  • sick day rules,
  • how to read a nutrition facts label,
  • the healthy plate,
  • diabetes management tips, and
  • a Take Me Shopping copy-ready, double-sided brochure are included.

PowerPoint Show -

Comprehensive: 52 very colorful slides go over every aisle from produce to the meat counter with every aisle in between.

Flexible: bring the store to your classroom or private office. This can save you a lot of time and effort yet show your clients very visual examples.

Relevant for diabetes management: Give important tips, including label reading, using great photos of all the key foods in the store. Find more fiber, avoid excess sodium, discover sweeteners, choose leaner protein, find whole grains, learn about the importance of fruits and veggies and how to fit those into your meals so you get enough. Learn portion control. And find margarines that are low in saturated fat and trans fat and even contain phytochemicals to lower cholesterol. Point out lower-fat dairy options and learn to like skim milk. How do you find carbs on the label and count them for servings?

Know just what to say: Speaker's notes are included in the show. See the examples of a few of our slides below. You can save this show to your hard drive and make changes as needed. Also, you can print overheads from this show or use it to have slides made.


  • Number of slides: 52
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 65
  • Target audience: Type 2 Diabetes Patients and caregivers
  • Approximate length of show: 1 - 2 hours
  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus lifetime updates to the digital file.