25 Ingredients Into 15 Fast Healthy Meals DVD/CD Video PowerPoint Nutrition Education DVD

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Product Description

25 Ingredients Into 15 Fast Healthy Meals DVD/CD Video PowerPoint

View a flash file above of the PowerPoint show that comes with the DVD. This video teaches you to plan a menu, shop from a list and has a great list of just 25 items individuals can buy to feed a family for a week for less than it costs to take them out to one dinner! The video program utilizes simple, inexpensive healthy foods that are very easy to prepare - even a 12 year old can do it!

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • This 30 minute Video DVD and 50+ slide PowerPoint CD combo show teaches clients to plan a menu, shop from a list and make many great meals all week; charts show just how much time, money and calories they save by preparing meals at home;
  • The show has a list of just 25 items individuals can buy to feed a family for a week.
  • It utilizes simple, inexpensive healthy foods and teaches important cost saving strategies at the grocery store for each food group
  • Step into action with everything you could need in any circumstance: PowerPoint show, speaker's notes, handouts, photos, recipes and a leader guide
  • Use this show for classes, wellness fairs, intranets, counseling, lunchrooms, waiting rooms and more! It is also ready to go for online learning!
  • PLUS you receive tips on how to use our recipes for your own cooking demos.
  • Teach many important lessons, including:
    • Making balanced low-fat, high-fiber meals that are based on grains, fruits and vegetables with lean protein
    • Stocking your kitchen for fast healthy meals that save significant time, money and calories from eating out.
    • Meal planning and list making strategies
    • Time-saving tips, money saving tips, calorie saving tips!
    • Cooking tips and valuable presentation tips to make meals look professional, too

Show Specifications for video and PowerPoint show:

  • Length of Video: 30 minutes, CC - Closed Caption in English and Spanish
  • Length of PowerPoint Show: 30-35 minutes
  • Number of slides: More than 50 slides with speaker's notes
  • Number of handout pages including leader guide: 22

Here is our list of foods, starting with whole grains, then lean protein, fruits and veggies and dairy:

1.Pasta, whole grain penne
2.Brown rice
3.Tortillas, whole wheat
5.Chicken, whole
8.Salad mix
9.Baby carrots
10.Tomatoes, plum
11.Spinach, fresh
13.Winter squash
16.Canned diced tomatoes, no added salt
22.No Salt Added Tomato Sauce
23.Fat-free sour cream
24.Yogurt - light vanilla
25.Parmesan cheese

  • Over half the list was produce
  • Bulk produce was used along with seasonal produce specials
  • Protein items do not break the heart or the bank
  • Dairy is fat and sugar free
  • Items are low in sodium and fat
  • Soda and treats and sugared cereals were not on the list
  • Cost: $63

And our list of meals - including 1 snack and 2 desserts:
1. Lentils and rice - plain, winter squash, onions
2. Lentils and rice - burrito or wrap
3. Whole chicken - Roasted with potatoes/onions, carrots, salad
4. Chicken salad - with chicken, potatoes, salad
5. Chicken - pasta, broth, veggies
6. Chicken with rice - arroz con pollo
7. Chicken stir fry - spinach, celery, broccoli, onions, carrots
8. Chicken rice veggie soup
9. Fish - microwave with zucchini and rice
10. Tortilla Pizza
11. Potato Pizza - potatoes with plum tomatoes, spinach, onions, parmesan cheese
12. Baked stuffed potato - potato with broccoli, fat free sour cream, parmesan
13. Snack platter with apples, carrots, celery
14. Dessert with berries and yogurt
15. Apple sauce with a little dollop of light whipped cream

Handouts include recipes, shopping list, cooking tips, leader guide and much more!