Grown Not Processed Poster

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Product Description

Grown Not Processed Poster

This beautiful poster features forks with healthy foods on them. Individuals will see vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and a whole grain. They are so pretty and so mouth-watering that everyone will be motivated to think about what they are putting on their fork and they will want to do a better job with their food selection. 

There is an emphasis on fresh foods that are nutrient dense. This poster is 18" x 24" and it is laminated. It is very easy for anyone to understand and the colors are gorgeous and vivid. A picture speaks a thousand words but a eye-catching and memorable photo, never mind four of them, will speak a million words!

The black background and bright colors are very modern and savvy and everyone will want to know where you found this poster. 

The photograph is by Judy Doherty from her professional photo studio with daylight strobes and a full format sensor so the light is perfectly exposed and the detail shown, along with the resolution of the photographs, is very high.