10K Steps Wristbands Adult - Pack of 20

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Product Description

10K Steps Wristbands for Adults

Did you ever want to hand out a different gift that will be economical yet appreciated and used by your attendees ? Do you need a neat fundraiser gift? Or want to attract traffic to a booth? Or reward class attendees? Or hand out prizes?

These adult-sized 10K Steps wristbands are perfect for every need and they are brightly-colored so they will be remembered and cherished. They can wear them every day to remember to walk more during their day. Every step counts!

The bracelets come in packs of 20. The warm colors will wear attractively on everyone. The outside declares, "Take 10,000 Steps Per Day" and it shows a measuring tape to give a healthy meaning to the message.

Use the 10K Steps promotional bracelets as prizes for contests and raffles. Give them away for wellness fairs. Or hand them out to clients so they have a simple, easy-to-follow direction to improve activity levels every day.

They are designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and are one of a kind! Call us if you want to order 100 or more wristbands (5 or more bags) and we can offer a volume discount


Quantity: Package of 20 (bulk discounts for 100 or more wristbands available just call)

Circumference: 8 inches fits most adults

Thickness: 1/16"

Material: 100% high quality silicone - holds its color and shape, lasts for years, doesn't have an unpleasant rubber smell.