12 More Lessons PowerPoint Shows

12 Lessons of Wellness and Weight Loss Program includes 12 relevant lessons for today's consumers who want to lose weight.
  • Consumers need your guidance for better food choices and a little more activity.
  • Breaking down the huge topic of weight loss into 12 lessons brings you many opportunities.
  • Keep them returning for more education; keep them on track; and maybe even have a little fun with competitions!
  • You can use the 12 Lessons over a month, a few months or even a year.
  • This is volume 2 - we do have volume 1 for even more!

How would you like to have a weight control program that is guaranteed to solve the weight control puzzle for your employees or participants?

Weight control is tricky and 2/3 of the population is overweight. Here is an in-depth solution that will teach everyone all the lessons they need to take excess weight off and keep it off for a lifetime.