Shine A Light on Veggies 18" x 24" Laminated Nutrition Poster

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Product Description

Shine A Light on Veggies 18" x 24" Laminated Nutrition Poster - Motivational Poster

This nutrition poster features an award-winning photograph of asparagus from a farmer's market in Fremont, California. The still-life, artistic photographic image is very beautiful and it will inspire people to eat more vegetables with its message, "Shine A Light on Veggies." 

Use this colorful nutrition poster anywhere. The idea of promoting fresh, seasonal vegetables is positive, colorful, and beneficial to everyone's health. Motivational posters really work when they feature beautiful photographs and inspiring messages. It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster. 

Themes that will match this poster include:

  • farmer's markets
  • eat more fruits and veggies
  • healthful shopping
  • school salad bars
  • health and wellness
  • nutrition month
  • farm to table
  • art and photography
  • classroom education
  • and many more!


Size: 18" x 24"

Orientation: Portrait

Language: English

Age: 2 to 100

Shine a light on veggies: asparagus

  • Invest in asparagus stalks!
  • Contains inulin- a prebiotic fiber that feeds good bacteria in the gut (probiotics)
  • Try asparagus grilled, roasted or raw with dip