Math of Movement 18" x 24" Poster - Exercise Poster - Health Poster - Laminated

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Product Description

The Math of Movement poster helps everyone understand the value of an active lifestyle. 

The message is simple, "Move More, Sit Less."

Here are key messages and facts on this beautiful poster that gives all of the stats for movement and health:

  • If you have a desk job you can try to stand more and improve your health and might be able to lose weight at a steady pass during the year. 
  • Too much sitting speeds up aging.
  • If you are already sleeping 8 hours a day by sitting 8 more you have 16 hours of inactivity during the day. What a huge eye opener!
  • Recommended amounts of activity per week are easy to attain and shown for each age group.
  • Calories for many activities are shown as "burned by the hour" so people can see the benefits of moving more, even if it is to clean the house.
  • There are 3 kinds of exercise and recommendations given for how much per week by age group.
Now everyone will be moving more and sitting less!