Calorie Math Poster 18" x 24" - Exercise Poster - Health Poster - Laminated

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Product Description

The Calorie Math Poster helps everyone understand how to balance calories coming in and going out. 

The message is simple, "Maintain an active lifestyle and be aware of the calories that you eat and drink at each meal."

Here are key messages and facts on this beautiful poster that gives all of the stats for movement and health:

  • Whole unprocessed foods that are low in added fats and sugars and higher in fiber fill you up on fewer calories. 
  • Fried foods increase calories by up to three times!
  • Any movement counts, pick a favorite to burn double or more calories moving versus sitting.
  • It is easy to lose a pound a week by eating 250 fewer calories and moving more to burn 250 calories per day with exercise.
  • Calories per day for various activity levels are shown.
  • How to balance calories per day by dividing them between meals and snacks
  • How many calories are in a pound of body fat?
Now everyone will be more aware of what they eat and how to control body weight by balancing their calories!