MyPlate Stickers Kids School - 90 stickers

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Product Description

My Plate Stickers

Did you ever want to hand out a different gift that will be economical yet functional ? Do you want to attract traffic to a wellness booth? Or reward class attendees? Or have fun games? Or teach food group lessons in the cafeteria?

These MyPlate stickers are perfect for every need and they are brightly-colored so they will be remembered and cherished.

The sticker sheets come in sets of 3. Each sheet has 30 stickers so the set has 90 stickers. Best of all you get a variety of 6 different stickers on every sheet: MyPlate, Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Protein and Dairy.

  • 10 MyPlate each sheet or 30 total
  • 4 grain stickers each sheet or 12 total
  • 4 veggies stickers each sheet or 12 total
  • 4 fruits stickers each sheet or 12 total
  • 4 protein stickers each sheet or 12 total
  • 4 milk stickers each sheet or 12 total
This variety creates enthusiasm; teaches food group lessons; enables the ability to play relay games or create teams; and it can create activities in wellness fairs, too.

BONUS: You get a free PDF download with a kids' nutrition and MyPlate worksheet PLUS activity ideas to use with your stickers.
These stickers are colorful and 1.5 inch diameter circles. The round shape can help symbolize a plate and it also stands for a well-rounded diet.

The sticker sheets ship and store flat very well, too.

They are designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and are one of a kind!


Quantity: 3 sheets of 30 = 90 stickers

Size: 1.5 inch diameter, circle shape