Kids MyPlate Activity Placemat - Pack of 50 - 8.5"X14"

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Product Description

My Plate Kids Activity Placemat - Stack of 50 - 8.5" X 14"

Kids can stay busy learning about MyPlate on one side of the menu with age-specific activities for ages 2 to 5. Parents and caregivers can follow the MyPlate Plate on the other side when it is time to serve food. Everyone learns and everyone wins with a healthier diet every day!

Front side: Choose MyPlate with colorful food groups.
  • Now your audience will understand just how to eat the My Plate food groups.
  • AND their foods will be in the right portions and proportions.
Back side: Fun MyPlate Activities
  • Find the path to good health - follow all the healthful foods to MyPlate in our fun maize.
  • Count - how many fruits do you see?
  • Which set is different? Choose the dairy foods that do not match the others.
  • It is easy to learn about MyPlate, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy foods.
  • Counting, coloring, drawing, matching, and problem solving are included, too.

Why stock up on colorful My Plate USDA resources? Because these are the best around. If you're still relying on the outdated food guide pyramid resources or even older food group nutrition guides, it's time to update to the latest resources for MyPlate.

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