Health Clips Black and White Clipart

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Product Description

Health Clips Black and White Clipart

Learning objectives & benefits:

Our images are designed for food & nutrition professionals. Use them in newsletters, handouts, overheads, PowerPoint or other slide presentations, websites and more. Choose from black and white, copy-ready clipart or color photos of many foods.

Clip Art: - 383 images of clip art are black and white so they print and copy very well. They are saved in tif format which is good for printing.

Photos: 175 Photos are high quality, clear and attractive. They are in jpeg format so you can use them in PowerPoint Slide shows, the web or your computer.

Here are a few subjects:

  • Fruits and Vegetables - designed to be accurate and easy to identify
  • Fruit and Vegetable Cartoons - fun and lively for all audiences
  • Beans - different types of beans and other bean shots
  • Whole Grains - great for most health messages
  • Fiber - different designs for pages that need to emphasize fiber
  • Calcium - an important topic that never seems to have the right image
  • Kitchen Utensils - great for most pages on recipes or cooking tips
  • Herbs and Spices - fun to use on recipes and cooking tips or even low-sodium messages; also includes a few medicinal herbs
  • Healthy Dishes - salads, pasta, snacks, baked potato and more
  • Lowfat dairy - perfect for heart health, weight loss, osteoporosis, women, wellness
  • Seafood and lean protein
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
  • Supplements And many more...

CDROM - compatible with Windows or Mac

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