Elementary Nutrition PowerPoint Show

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Product Description

When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits:

Elementary Nutrition is a show designed for elementary school aged kids so they can learn the basics of nutrition. What are macronutrients and micronutrients? What are food groups? How do you make MyPlate? Now they will know how to stay healthy.

Elementary Nutrition PowerPoint Show

The messages are positive. There are no recommendations for calories or weight control. The key message is to eat a balanced diet and engage in physical activity.

Use this show wherever you want a basic, positive lesson on nutrition. It could be great for a quick lunch and learn for older adults, people whose native language is not English, or low-income audiences who want to learn about nutrition.

A dietitian who is a teacher requested this show and we were happy she did.

Here is what participants will learn:

  • What is nutrition?
  • Meet the nutrients
  • Food groups
  • MyPlate
  • Dietary Guidelines Report Card (great for discussion)
  • Tips About Each Food Group
  • Stay Active

You receive 30 slides with photos, fun illustrations and speaker's notes.

Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

  • Detailed Speaker's Notes help you present your lesson with professionalism.
  • Our talented artists ensure the best design that competes with industry advertising.
  • Our rich illustrations and graphics stand out from the pack.
  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

Held-nothing-back research and message integrity:

  • We do not have to add processed foods to our materials because we are not supported by big industry advertising.
  • Unbiased, science-based information is always at the heart of our materials because we do not accept advertising.
  • Food and Health Communications, Inc. is a proud National Strategic Partner for MyPlate.

Valuable bonuses:

  • All PowerPoint Shows come with free handout downloads.
  • Update guarantee - if we update our materials you can download the update for free or purchase the physical copy for half price.


  • Number of slides with speaker's notes: 30
  • Number of handouts: 2 (each one covers each section to allow you to teach this all at once or by chapter)
  • Number of worksheets: 3: crossword puzzle, MyPlate coloring sheet for favorite foods, fun fruit and veggie quiz
  • Target audience: 3rd grade through 8th grade or for any audience that needs a simple lesson
  • Approximate length of show: 30 minutes (comes with worksheets that can add another 15 minutes)
  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus a CD shipped to you plus lifetime updates to the digital file.

Customer comments on Elementary Nutrition PPT Show:

"This is fantastic; the PowerPoint was worth the wait. I am so impressed with content, graphics and overall structure of the presentation. Thanks so much for your assistance." -- Mia Wolinsky-Zazon, MS, RD, CDN