3" X 18" Poster Storage Tube

USD$ 15.50

SKU: 318T
UPC: 689407958093

Product Description

3" X 18" Poster Storage Tube

Use these 3" X 18" tubes to store away up to 6 laminated posters. Size given is actual inside storage size. They hold posters that are 18" in width or less.

  • The poster tubes are manufactured in the US and they are wound up spirally.
  • They are unsurpassed in strength and quality.
  • Each 3" tube holds 1-6 posters that are up to 18X24"
  • Each tube comes with 2 end caps. You can mail them through any carrier. They store well in any closet or cabinet.
  • Tubes are shipped direct with label on the outside to save you money. Multiple tubes are shipped in a box.
  • Quantity discount is available just give us a call.