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The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans is the one show you need now to get individuals up-to-date on all of the latest research presented by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015 Expert Panel!

The concepts presented in this show are easy to understand and follow. The best thing about the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans is that the panel managed to uphold all of the standards from previous years with a no-nonsense approach to getting enough of the right nutrients while lessening the 3 elements that most people overeat.

This comprehensive show comes with over 50 slides that are based on photographs that beautifully illustrate and sell key health messages to your audience. The presentation also comes with 5 PDF handouts that are ready to help everyone understand key messages.

The show follows the 3 chapter format of the guidelines:

1. Chapter 1 Key Elements of Healthy Eating Patterns

  • What is a healthy eating pattern?
  • Follow a healthy eating pattern for one day and see the amazing photos of mouth-watering, healthful foods that will send everyone running to the salad bar, produce market, and fruit bowl.
  • Positive messages show everything you can and should eat. You will feel like a clever advertising executive showing your clients and students all of the good news.
  • Plus, when it comes to food, color often equals fiber and nutrients. The vibrantly colorful food images in this show will appeal to everyone.

2. Chapter 2 Shift Your Eating

  • Here is a reminder of all of the foods people need to eat in order to get enough of the right nutrients for a healthy body.
  • Here is also a reminder about just three nutrients that people need to watch out for.
  • The facts about sugar, sodium, and saturated fat are easy to understand. The new sugar rules are explained and shown with sugar cubes and teaspoons of sugar.

3. Chapter 3 Everyone Has a Role

  • We can all work together as a team to ensure every individual has a role in healthy eating.
  • Maybe it is coworkers building teams?
  • Or teachers helping students?
  • Or parents helping their children (and children helping parents)?
  • This final chapter of the show explains the social aspects of health and eating that cannot be overlooked.

Watch the complete preview of the show in the video above.


  • 56 slides with speaker's notes
  • 5 PDF handouts
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