2010 Dietary Guidelines Poster Set

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Product Description

2010 Dietary Guidelines Poster Set


Learning Objectives & Benefits:

This new 4 poster set teaches the most important messages from the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Start educating your clients today with these entertaining and educational posters!

SOFAS (Solid Fats and Added Sugar) Poster

  • Lists the most common sources of added fats and sugars. Beware!

Sodium Poster

  • Teaches clients how to lower their daily sodium intake and stay within the new guidelines.
  • Helps identify sources and dangers of excess sodium.
  • Gives strategies for shopping smart, reading food labels and dining out.

Be Active Every Day Poster

  • Outlines 5 ways for both kids and adults to fit more exercise into their day and follow the Physical Activity Guidelines.

Fiber Stars Poster

  • Capture your audience's attention and show them how high fiber, nutrient dense foods are part of a healthful diet.
  • Gives tips on keeping fiber content and the colors of health in mind when they shop for their family's food.

Bundled Offer: Save $35 with this bundled offer! If you purchased all four posters with bulk discount + with shipping you would pay almost $70!

Target Population: In English, for general audiences, ages 12 - 100

Size: Posters are 18X24 and laminated.