MyPlate Plate Plastic

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Product Description

The MyPlate Plastic Plate features the new USDA icon to help your clients fill half of their plate with fruits and vegetables, a whole grain, and a low fat protein, and add a low fat dairy choice.

These MyPlate Plastic Plates are perfect to use as an educational tool to show your clients how to make a healthy plate with the new USDA icon, MyPlate. 

Objectives and learning goals for the MyPlate Plate:

  • Half the plate is filled with fruits and vegetables.
  • One quarter of the plate is filled with grains.
  • One quarter of the plate is filled with protein.
  • And there is one serving of dairy in the top right corner. 

The MyPlate Plastic Plates work great for wellness fairs, cooking demos, classrooms, or one-on-one consultations. 

  • The colors for each food group correspond with the colors used by the USDA Choose My Plate icon.
  • Each section is clearly labeled in English. 
  • Since the dairy section is attached to the plate you can hold it up with one hand to give an instant visual for many important nutrition education lessons:
    • healthy portion sizes
    • getting enough fruits and vegetables
    • showing all five food groups
    • how to eat a balanced meal
    • and how to make a healthy plate


  • SIZE: 10 3/4" outside diameter.  9" food area diameter.
  • The inner lines are white and are not physical separators.
  • They are stackable
  • Made of FDA approved ABS plastic safe for food use and break resistant. 
  • It is not scratch resistant, so care must be taken with use with utensils or other sharp objects.
  • It is not made for use in the microwave
  • The plastic plate is light and durable. It is easy to carry. 
  • They are dishwasher safe, too!

BONUS: you get to download a free handout about MyPlate to use with this plate after purchase.