Freshen Up Your Veggie Game 18" x 24" Laminated Nutrition Poster - Motivational Poster

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Product Description

Freshen Up Your Veggie Game 18" x 24" Laminated Color Nutrition Poster - Motivational Poster

This nutrition poster features award-winning photographs of vegetables that make up a pictorial collage. Fresh beets, rainbow carrots, mixed greens, and cauliflower are featured. Individuals will be inspired to add color and new ideas to their daily eating plan when they see the photos and read the title, "Freshen Up Your Veggie Game." Food photos create a motivational poster that will prompt individuals to take action to improve their diet and eating pattern.

Use this colorful nutrition poster anywhere. The idea of promoting fresh, seasonal vegetables is positive, colorful, and beneficial to everyone's health. 

Themes that will match this poster include:

  • farmer's markets
  • eat more fruits and veggies
  • healthful shopping
  • school salad bars
  • health and wellness
  • nutrition month
  • farm to table
  • art and photography
  • classroom education
  • and many more!


Size: 18" x 24"

Orientation: Portrait

Language: English

Age: 2 to 100

Freshen your veggie game nutrition poster features these lessons:

  • Keep a variety of fresh and frozen veggies on hand
  • Be adventurous! Try a new vegetable every week
  • Bland is boring- season your veggies with herbs and spices