Diet and Type 2 Diabetes - Progression & Remission 3 Shows

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Diet and Type 2 Diabetes - 3 PowerPoints Shows with Speaker's Notes and Handouts

Download digital files now, 3 PowerPoint Shows with Speaker's Notes, Plus PDF Handouts:


1. Type 2 Diabetes Overview PowerPoint Show: Progression and Remission (36 slides):

  • What is diabetes and how does it occur?
  • What are the symptoms and risk factors?
  • Heart disease and DM Type 2
  • Insulin resistance & impaired glucose tolerance,
  • What is the optimal diet for Type 2 DM?
  • Can you reverse it?

2. Optimal Diet for Type 2 Diabetes (high fiber, plant-based DASH style diet, nutrient-dense)

  • Explanation of each food group
  • How to eat more fiber
  • How to lower calories without feeling hungry
  • How to plan meals
  • How to eat the most optimal diet to lower the chances of heart disease and to have a chance at reversing Type 2 diabetes or keeping blood sugar and weight in control
  • This is not food exchanges or carb counting it is a Mediterranean or DASH style diet that is high in fiber and low in calorie density
  • Diabetes Healthy Plate shown

3. Guide to Losing Weight With Diabetes (30+ Slides Each)

  • Strategies for losing weight and keeping it off based on the Weight Control Registry where folks kept 30 pounds or more off for 5 years or more plus the Dietary Guidelines and 

Handouts in PDF

Over 30 great handouts plus leader/activity guide to help your clients eat heart-healthy, lose weight, exercise, read food labels properly and make better choices when eating out so they can reduce their need for medications.

Menu and Recipes in Word- for 2 weeks of nutritious, healthy meals plus a healthy shopping list designed for Type 2 Diabetes patients. A nutritional analysis is included. The entire menu is in an Excel file on the CD so you can make changes to accommodate patient preferences.


  • Number of slides with speaker's notes for all three programs ( separate shows): over 100
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide (PDF): over 30
  • Target audience: Adults with diabetes or prediabetes
  • Approximate length of each show: 30 - 40 minutes
  • Based on CDC, ADA, AHA, NIH guidelines

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