New Nutrition Education Materials from Nutrition Education Store

Nutrition Education Materials 

Here is a tour of new nutrition products. 

Nutrition Month Posters and Banners:

The theme for this year's National Nutrition Month(R) is What's On Your Fork? Check out the entire line of products with a fork on them:

Square Banners for Smaller Spaces and Bulletin Boards come in many designs


More new wristbands, flipcharts, and posters

Flipcharts are 11" x 17" and come in three topic varieties: MyPlate, Diabetes, and Cholesterol. They are excellent for a table top display for wellness fairs and exam rooms. 

Art Prints Are Ready To Hang

There is a new food diary and recall handout tearpad

and our plate presentation class is on DVD:


There are new foot step floor decals that add decoration, countless activities, and attention for any display:

Walloons are ready to decorate your wall and make it festive and motivational:


We have teamed up with Chef Ann to make rainbow banners, salad bar signs, and cafeteria clings:


 Seasonal square banners are ready for walls and bulletin boards - 4 in all - here is winter:


 Now you can start educating about the new food label with posters, tearpads, and banners:


Check out the MyPlate Plates for Kids

And Portion Control Plates: