• Meeting Friends in California

    Meeting Friends in CA
    Isn’t it funny, the connections you make? A few weeks ago, I was in California. My son and I were touring his new college campus (UC Davis, woo!) and I posted about our adventures on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when Communicating Food for Health subscriber and longtime Nutrition Education Store customer Laurie Kamagawachi contacted me and […] Tags:
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  • Freedom from Chronic Disease

    Bonus Alert: This post contains a free handout! What do healthful eating and the Statue of Liberty have in common? You may be surprised by the answer. When I went to see the Statue of Liberty, I was struck by her beauty. To my surprise, her natural green patina reminded me of kale. Kale is beautiful too, […] Tags:
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  • Nutritioneducationstore.com is safe

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    All websites by Food and Health Communications are safe from Heart Bleed. Food and Health Communications and all websites, including NutritionEducationStore.com run on a dedicated server by Liquid Web. PCI Compliance, or credit card safety scans are performed on a regular basis by Clone Systems and we register our procedures with TrustWave on a regular […] Tags:
  • More than a popcorn maker

    I’m talking about the microwave oven.  For many it’s an expensive coffee heater, popcorn popper and leftover re-heater. When microwaves first came out many people taught (me included) and took microwave cooking classes.  These classes are definitely a thing of the past. Every home has at least one microwave and they are just as common […] Tags:
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  • Nutrition Presentation Introduction Ideas

    The root of diet
    We just heard a great new idea for nutrition presentation introductions! Diana Dyer, MS, RD, has developed a wonderful way to frame the idea of dieting. Check out the story, written in her own words… When I was on the speaking circuit, I always included a slide early in my talk that pre-empted — i.e. […] Tags:
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  • 2 Weeks to Go!

    The deadline is fast approaching! Back in February, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service proposed guidelines for local school wellness policies. Now there are only 2 weeks left to comment on them! The rules that the Food and Nutrition Service outlined focused on what school wellness policies need to feature, including… Physical activity goals Nutrition […] Tags:
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  • I Heart Fruits and Veggies

    Hooray for fruits and vegetables! Everyone loves the “I heart” message, and now it’s coming to a wellness poster for you! This eye-catching nutrition poster will help remind your clients to eat more fruits and vegetables each day. We combine color, a simple visual message, beautiful food photos, a heart icon, and a fresh look […] Tags:
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  • Egghead Quiz

    Answer TRUE or FALSE to these questions to find out how much you know about the incredible edible egg. An extremely old egg will sink to the bottom of a bowl of water. You can tell if an egg is raw or cooked by spinning it on a table top. The color of the egg […] Tags:
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  • Defrosting Donuts

    We’re an instant society these days. With email, texting, cell phones and Instagram (don’t really understand this one) people want things right now. This includes their food.  Microwave ovens are as common place in most kitchens as the coffee maker and toaster.   They can help with this “instant” society and cook food quickly. However,  if […] Tags:
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  • Healthful Eating. Healthy Lifestyle

    Health Lessons in a Snap
    Wow! Those are two concepts that are difficult to grasp.  If you’ve been following my recent posts you know I’ve been teaching a weight loss and healthy eating class.  It started last September and ended in February.  The class was timed to help get them through the most difficult eating time of the year…from Halloween […] Tags: